New Luno All Trails - designed for flexibility on any terrain

Whether you’re going to a holiday destination or going out for an afternoon walk, a perfect trip destination requires the perfect travel partner. Luno All Trails is designed for flexibility on any terrain, making it an excellent companion for the baby’s first trips. Just like a moon… 
Luno All Trails provides all the possible safety & comfort that the family may need. Ultra-light & spacious thermal carrycot ThermoCot™ takes care of the baby in many ways: it regulates microclimate, protects the baby from inadequate temperature changes, and reduces humidity. Firm & high carrycot walls ensure maximum safety. An adjustable rear shock absorption system and 2nd generation Real-Gel™ wheels ensure perfect handling in all terrains.

Premium Luno All Trails strollers carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail and quality. All design and manufacturing need done sustainably in North Europe

New Luno All Trails features for comfortable rides:

  • The new design backpack is spacious and organized in sections. It's made of durable fabrics that meet all quality standards and perfectly fit the stroller design.
  • Redesigned chassis hinge unlocking mechanism provides extra durability and contemporary looks.
  • Additional shock absorption is provided by the 2nd generation Real-GelTM wheels. These wheels are easier to maintain; therefore, there is no need to check the pressure or worry about puncturing the wheel.
  • Noordi Luno all trails handle adjusters has been changed to a more modern design.
  • Automatic Magnetic Seatbelt Buckle with 5-Point Harness offers additional restraint to support little ones.
  • The new Luno all trails collection was complemented by a new shade of ocean: Ocean Blue.
  • Expandable open shopping bag provides additional storage for shopping trips or big outings 
  • A new branded logo sign of a Northern Arrow appeared on the chassis.



  1. 2nd gen ThermoCot™ carrycot;
  2. Wind protection with a peek-a-boo window;
  3. Leg cover with magnetic clasps;
  4. Ventilation in the hood;
  5. Internal cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology;
  6. Water-resistant and UV 50+ protected fabrics;
  7. Renewed hood regulation buttons;


  1. Manoeuvrable and compact chassis with rear shock-absorption system;
  2. All-around safe chassis folding system;
  3. 2nd generation Real gel™ wheels;
  4. Height adjustable eco-leather handle;
  5. ONE-CLICK™ brake system;
  6. Aluminium chassis;
  7. Expandable open shopping bag;

Seat unit

  1. Comfortable seat unit with lie-flat position;
  2. Two strolling positions;
  3. Double hood extension with ventilation;
  4. Automatic Magnetic Seatbelt Buckle with 5-Point Harness; 
  5. The seat unit compactly folds together with a chassis;

Noordi Luno all trails collection will be available in Noordi partners’ shops in October. The list of Noordi shops can be found here:

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