LUNO - the next generation stroller

NOORDI, Nordic manufacturer of strollers, has introduced a new stroller LUNO.

ARCEL carrycot

The NOORDI team focuses on the baby, its safety and comfort, when creating goods for children. That's why the team of engineers designed and developed a brand new NOORDI carrycot, which is made entirely of ARCEL material, when creating the latest LUNO stroller. Due to this material, the carrycot is safe, spacious, lightweight and thermoregulatory.



For years, the NOORDI team of engineers have carried out tests and various experiments, trying to create the safest carrycot for the stroller. After several years of research, ARCEL material has been selected, which distinguishes by its exceptional strength, elasticity and durability. This material is usually used to produce helmets for racing drivers that provide safety, or for packaging of heavy household appliances, the purpose of which is to keep the purchased item intact.

The LUNO stroller carrycot is in one piece, so high carrycot edges protect the baby from all sides. The baby in it can be calm and enjoy the first journeys while the parents will also be secure.



Due to its exceptional ARCEL properties, LUNO has a thermal carrycot. The thermal resistance of this carrycot is even 65.6 times higher than the one in standard plastic carrycot, which guarantees comfort in both cold and hot weather for the baby. The new NOORDI carrycot is unique: it prevents the entry of cold, wind or heat currents, so the baby does not freeze and overheat. These features make the LUNO carrycot thermoregulatory, unlike the standard plastic carrycot.

The new NOORDI carrycot has a special feature that prevents formation of dew point. Due to the changing humidity level, the dew point is formed entering from high temperature to lower, otherwise it is also known as dew. The dew point can also form inside the carrycot when the stroller is outdoors on a hot day and then in the cool house. Moisture accumulation can cause mold that is particularly harmful to human health. The new NOORDI carrycot is made of ARCEL material that prevents moisture build-up and keeps the baby's mattress dry.

It is important to note that ARCEL material is used to produce special containers for food transportation in order to prevent it from freezing (pizza to home) or melting (frozen products). This property of the material proves that it is not harmful.



The newest NOORDI stroller was designed to be as light as possible, cosy and spacious for the baby. The stroller carrycot is distinguished by its internal dimensions: length 86 cm, width 37 cm, height 60 cm. So even a dressed or covered with a lot of layers, the baby will not feel crushed in the carrycot, will be able to move more freely. Notwithstanding the extremely spacious carrycot, the new NOORDI carrycot weighs just over 3 kg (without the leg guards). This provides convenience for the baby's parents during transportation.

LUNO carrycot

The new NOORDI stroller LUNO is characterized by its subtle and solid design, which you can read more about HERE.